Mile End - Wall Of Incapacity lyrics

This is something I feel
Something I cannot explain
It looks like a strange wall of incapacity
An unbreakable wall of pain

Since I am feeling this...
I cannot sleep anymore,
Cannot live anymore,
Something must happen to recover my bliss.

I love them,
Adore them,
But do not respect them,
Either help them.

I cannot undergo this punishment anymore,
Please help me,
This wall is definitly my fear,
A fear that became daily for me.

She HauntS me,
FollowS me,
Eating me from the inside,
CorruptS me.

Now that I piled up all my pain,
I'll explode into ten millions parts,
Recorvering the world of my sinS,
This wall of incapacity.

Blocking me,
Rising at me,
How imposing his he,
Laughing at me.

Now that you've gone into another world,
I praise the lord to keep your soul,
And I thank you For what you've done with me,
Rest In Peace.