Mikkey Halsted - Exorcist lyrics (Chinese translation). | Listen
, I couldn't sell myself for the platinum
, Not for the gold
, Not for the all... and...
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Mikkey Halsted - Exorcist (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Listen
ZH: 听着

EN: I couldn't sell myself for the platinum
ZH: 为白金卖不出去我自己

EN: Not for the gold
ZH: 不为黄金

EN: Not for the all... and takers
ZH: 不为的所有......和记录员

EN: Not for the hores
ZH: 不为进深

EN: Because I grew up in the town so cold
ZH: 因为我在长大镇太冷

EN: And see my old man... keep some food on the store
ZH: 看看我老爸保持在存储区上的一些食物

EN: Seen to many gangsta...
ZH: 见到很多帮派......

EN: Next minute they're lying in a funeral home
ZH: 下一分钟他们躺在一家殡仪馆

EN: Too many locked up... for me to lying upon
ZH: 太多锁起来我向后躺在

EN: Try to perpetrate the fog when I'm writing this song
ZH: 试图犯下雾,当我写这首歌

EN: Say exactly what I feel either is right or is wrong
ZH: 正好我的感觉是正确或错误

EN: But I can only be me they either like it or they don't
ZH: 但我只是我自己也喜欢它或它们不可以

EN: I guess I fuck mess that's why I write right to the point
ZH: 我猜我操乱这就是为什么我写权点

EN: See I'm the exorcist that's why I use the mike to annoy
ZH: 看看我是驱魔人这就是为什么迈克用于烦扰

EN: Look Satan I can surrender the hip hop
ZH: 看看我投降也可以嘻哈撒

EN: In the name of...
ZH: 量的名称......

EN: I'm gonna take you from the rich
ZH: 我要把你从富

EN: Give you back to the poor
ZH: 回给穷人

EN: Before you fail in front of me
ZH: 之前你在我面前失败

EN: Got hocked by the Lord
ZH: 有抵押的主

EN: Don't fight it
ZH: 别抗拒它

EN: You've been chosen to sit aside by the Lord
ZH: 您已选择要坐一旁主

EN: ... See you've always been a soldier
ZH: ...看看你一直是一名士兵

EN: Don't fight for the hore
ZH: 别为霍尔战斗

EN: You got to fight for what's right
ZH: 你要正确的战斗

EN: Go right to the source
ZH: 转到源

EN: Before the murder rock your...
ZH: 在谋杀岩石之前你......

EN: You got married to the street
ZH: 你结了婚到街上

EN: You got to divorce
ZH: 你要离婚

EN: Because... war
ZH: 因为,战争

EN: That's why you need an exorcist
ZH: 这就是为什么你需要驱魔人

EN: You've been possessed by a genius
ZH: 你已经被拥有的天才

EN: Far from being doped
ZH: 迄今从被掺杂

EN: They just...
ZH: 他们只是......

EN: You just can't believe them
ZH: 你只是不敢相信他们

EN: Niggers ain't from the scene
ZH: 黑鬼不是来自现场

EN: They ain't even decent
ZH: 他们不是更体面

EN: They smell like hate
ZH: 他们闻起来像仇恨

EN: And I think they're from the prison
ZH: 我想他们是从监狱

EN: In front of Tv
ZH: 在电视机前

EN: It's hard to decide who is who
ZH: 它很难决定谁是谁

EN: Until you get up close...
ZH: 直到你起床关闭......

EN: ... who's a lie who's the truth
ZH: ...谁是就是真理的谎言

EN: ...
ZH: ...

EN: Don't have me full you...
ZH: 别让我充分的你......

EN: You have no place here
ZH: 你有没有地方在这里

EN: You have no dominium
ZH: 你有没有 dominium

EN: You have no stay here
ZH: 你有没有停留在这里

EN: Just a property you got now
ZH: 只是你现在有一个属性

EN: You can sit here
ZH: 你可以坐在这里

EN: You ain't safe here
ZH: 你在这里不安全

EN: I' tryin' to tell you
ZH: 我 ' 想要告诉你

EN: I'm the exorcist
ZH: 我是驱魔人

EN: That should be it
ZH: 这应该是它

EN: You're straight now?
ZH: 你现在直?

EN: Let's go get some money
ZH: 让我们去拿一些钱