Mikkey Halsted - Exorcist (2011)

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Mikkey Halsted - Exorcist lyrics

I couldn't sell myself for the platinum
Not for the gold
Not for the all... and takers
Not for the hores
Because I grew up in the town so cold
And see my old man... keep some food on the store
Seen to many gangsta...
Next minute they're lying in a funeral home
Too many locked up... for me to lying upon
Try to perpetrate the fog when I'm writing this song
Say exactly what I feel either is right or is wrong
But I can only be me they either like it or they don't
I guess I fuck mess that's why I write right to the point
See I'm the exorcist that's why I use the mike to annoy

Look Satan I can surrender the hip hop
In the name of...
I'm gonna take you from the rich
Give you back to the poor
Before you fail in front of me
Got hocked by the Lord
Don't fight it
You've been chosen to sit aside by the Lord
... See you've always been a soldier
Don't fight for the hore
You got to fight for what's right
Go right to the source
Before the murder rock your...
You got married to the street
You got to divorce
Because... war
That's why you need an exorcist

You've been possessed by a genius
Far from being doped
They just...
You just can't believe them
Niggers ain't from the scene
They ain't even decent
They smell like hate
And I think they're from the prison
In front of Tv
It's hard to decide who is who
Until you get up close...
... who's a lie who's the truth
Don't have me full you...
You have no place here
You have no dominium
You have no stay here
Just a property you got now
You can sit here
You ain't safe here
I' tryin' to tell you
I'm the exorcist

That should be it
You're straight now?
Let's go get some money