Mike Mangione - It's Me Not You lyrics

I remember what you said
The very first day that we met
Oh baby it's me not you
I was with you when you left
Behind each and every step
Cause oh baby it was me not you
Oooh Baby

Can you live with the thought of me instead
To ask for love is to ask for someone too
With every broken glass
Behind every shattered past
Oh baby it's me not you

Been in and out of every room
Walking like this bleeding groom
With the broom I sweep away dust and devils
But you heal every hurt by recycling old dirt
And through your eyes I can see your heart disheveled

Oh baby how you pretend to hold me in your hands
Yet when you rise I'm the first thing you let you go
And in the cold desert land I fingered in the sand
Cause oh baby it was me not you

There's a hidden wound that cries
For every man that's brushed your thigh
But you cover up and play it all again
You flinch with every touch
Hoping he won't take too much
But there's a Novocain that enables you go

Oh baby
Look inside
It's in my heart you'll find
Which is worth more than gold or silver
Yes I bleed for them all and I'll be there when you fall
Cause oh baby its me not you
Baby it's me its true