Mike Keneally - Blameless (The Floating Face) lyrics

Blameless are you
Blame me
Carving a face in a tree
A bolt from above
And at this point my face became me

I am the floating face
The children throw baseballs at me
The experts determined I'm six feet wide
And my tears could fill the sea

Last week I floated by your house
My nostrils flared with unrequited love
But I'm scared for you to see
All that's become of me
If there is a God
There's no skin on his face
A fiendish skull that rains terror on me

I am the floating face
Without redeeming grace
Don't gloat in your rat race
Don't laugh at my fat face

Then God said "Just you hold on
This was not some callous feat of mine
Your fate was predetermined in another space and time"
And Face said "My apologies"
And both had ginseng tea
What happened next remains perplexing
To a man that's me