Mike G - November (feat. Pyramid Vritra) (2014)

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Mike G - November (feat. Pyramid Vritra) lyrics

[Verse 1: Pyramid Vritra]
Hair streams in the breeze in the Porsche
Wood dash, wood beams In the cabin
Hash bricks through the sleeve in the casket
Denim course [?] flow endorsed by the rag top down and freeze
After the show, probably stoned cold as Jack Frosty wrist and necklaces
These niggas trying to check the clique
Untouched cause we don't fuck with too much of y'all shit
And none of yours can compare to our shit
That's double [?] you should double take
Watch this demon straight how [?] love was made
All my niggas paid and you see it
Young niggas jock trying to claim allegiance
Niggas get popped trying playing defense
While niggas try to [?] the game [?]
Chilling in the rain, cloudy sky
Reign stronger til we die
Sold into to the game, player changing, invade and multiply
Sly coop in that sly coop, as we slide through, off that dark blue
Never car pooled, in two seasons
Descend for the rest of the game

[Verse 2: Mike G]
We take longer to gain more anything that's just not giving
My current mission is to be stronger than any option
You can guess it, you get missing
Look at these [?] you envision
Treat women like tradition, you can get wit it or get up wit it
See a [?] with any other name
And since I got pain that [?]
Sick [?] when Winter season begot change
Melt through the core [?] flow through my heart veins

[Verse 3: Mike G]
Moments like these are when I lace my shoes
And roll up on the best GQ issues
Full moon, I got two shows soon
But I'm focused how to smoke in my hotel room
And now everybody's focused on what you do next
[?] give you bad rep like Joan Jett
Can't stop, won't stop so I get no rest
Jackals at my doorstep but they're there to protect
Makes senses, I became a [?]
Make words whip, I build pyramids
We have no common ground without wisdom, relate
And it's weird how [?] up you can build your fate
Treated like perfect games when he step in the lane
So without planing this there's no room for change
And here to still debate it's over Odd Future playlist
Falling deep as the greatest
With peoples that's how I play this, yeah