Mike Dreams - So Long (feat. Ryanne Noelle) (2011)

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Mike Dreams - So Long (feat. Ryanne Noelle) lyrics

[Verse 1]
I’ve been dealing with this drama for a long time
You trying to figure me out
Get in the long line
It’s been the same thing
Over and over
I thought it would’ve changed when I got a little older
But I smell it in the air
That same vein odor
And jealousy is there
I switch my lanes over
But they keep swerving back
In my path
I just can’t stand
The thought of having to go back
In my past
Where you hope that they’d understand
But never can
Wish I could jump high in the air
And never land
Cuz I swear
I am getting so tired of they negative
Just because I’m one who desires to
Set a precedent
So whatever they saying
To me is irrelevant
Whenever I’m present
My passion is surely evident
You can only listen to nonsense so long
‘Till you feel like telling ‘em so long
(And I’m gone)

[Chorus - Ryanne Noelle]
Why, do I have to go through this
One more time
Cuz I feel I keep losing my mind
And I’ve been through this stuff a thousand times
So I’ll just have to tell these people bye
So Long, So Long, So Long
Cuz I’m gone, I’m gone, I’m gone
So Long, So Long, So Long
Cuz I’m gone, gone, gone, gone, gone

[Verse 2]
Wanna know what I was speaking bout in the first verse
I was trying to find self
Guess I had to search first
Had one side saying I wasn’t hood enough
The other side stereotyping just cuz my hoodie up
Both of ‘em had me feeling like I wasn’t good enough
Until I grew up
And saw the hatred they was putting up
All because I wouldn’t play the game
No, I am not a Martian
But we are not the same
I swear they ain’t got the fuel
Or the gasoline
To even plug into my source
Like the magazine
I be feeling like
I don’t need this world
So I be asking God when I’ma leave this world
I’m not talking bout dying
I’m talking bout change
Tell me when will they accept
That I don’t wanna be the same
You can only deal with ‘em judging you
For so long
Til you feel like telling’ ‘em so long
And I’m gone