Mike Classic - Six Feet Over (2012)

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Mike Classic - Six Feet Over lyrics

For most dudes when it comes to women it's only about the physical appearance
But for me it's more than that, it's about the beauty within..
The mind, soul, and the body..
Every girl is beautiful in their own way
When you find that out, Thats where amazing happens

(Verse 1)
Yo! Behind every fat ass theres a dark past, and every lust night was a wine glass
And every last move to find class but everybody know wine taste good when time past
She likes the best flower in the garden
Whoever beg to defy or apply beg your pardon
She worry about the deeper she dont worry about the hardest
And it's been year until anybody got to where her heart is..
And she know im nothing she can handle, Blow her back out cause I ain't a van of candles
Like it's my birthday..
In the worst way..
I'll be the champagne bottle tell me you thirsty!
Making love to you on the floor up in the elevator, Going up and down on your body call it a escalator
Then say my last words then im gone, then on the last breath you can hear the angels through the respirator
And we can be young forever..
Smoke blunts, change smoke like our lungs together..
Get a worldwide feeling like beach from david ganner
It's so strong like feeling the passion through love letters
If we die, our skeletons would probably just hold hands, no brains but still get the program
Cause baby we fly! The maggots on us turn into butterflies because we on our way to the sky
Six feet over..

[Outro: Cocaine 80's]
If you see a ghost
Girl don't approach, it isn't me
I'm holdin' on, but girl I'm close
You're killing me, oh my love
We end up just like a kiss
It's bittersweet
I'm livin', but my heart still says
In memory of your love, girl
I'm six feet over
I'm six feet over, you
I'm six feet over