Miime - Borderline lyrics

Me and my girl,
We got a plan:
We go to Cape Canaveral
And piss of if we can.
We're on the hate-trip,
Kidnapping a space-ship,
Cause we are the kind of people
Who ain't got no other choice.

Me and my girl,
We got a plan:
We'll wipe out every.stupid.little.body
If we can.
I told her on the phone:
We're ment to be left alone,
We're the ones who god should better
Leave alone to play together.
Everything would turn out fine
If we'd reach the borderline.
Everything would be just fine
If we'd kill ourselves.

Me and my girl,
We got a gun,
And I swear we're gonna use it
When the showdown has begun.
Oh sweetheart, don't you see?
You had the time to believe me.
Now you'd better hurry up
To save us from ourselves.

This goes on until I die,
Things will never change.
This won't stop until I die,
Life always goes on like this.