Migos - Roll In Peace (Remix) (feat. Gucci Mane) (2017)

Migos - Roll In Peace (Remix) (feat. Gucci Mane) (2017)
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Migos - Roll In Peace (Remix) (feat. Gucci Mane) lyrics
[Verse 1: Offset] In the kitchen with a lot of white (white) I done fucked a lot of niggas' wife (smash) Make a milli, then I make it twice (M's) Bought that Wraith and had the ceilin' light (Wraith) I like a bitch with some cellulite (ooh) Tape a brick to her, take a flight (ooh) Used to ask what the lick was like (where?) Now I'm askin' what the Lear look like (huh?) Niggas copy, Mike Tyson bite (ahh-urr, ahh-urr, ahh) Smokin' cookie, yeah, that's dynamite (cookie, woo) Lamborghini, white on white (Lamborghini) All these diamonds, yeah, they white on white (white) Takin' chances, had to roll the dice (aye) Send my shooters, come and take your life (brrt) Born with it Count a hundred thousand start snowin' with it (hundred) Go and get it Thirty round clip tear off a arm or ligament (rrah) Bitch I'm O-Dog from Menace (urr) You trappin' hard for pennies (go) Hop in the frog, it's tinted (skrrt) Askin' the Lord, forgive me (hey) [Verse 2: TakeOff] Pop me a missile (ayy) Take me a picture (flash) Get right witcha (I'ma get right witcha) Lit like Christmas (like Christmas) White like tissue (white) Drank too official (drank) Cut like scissors (cut) Boy got wisdom (wisdom) Fuckin' on vixens (smash) Whole gang itchin' (itch) Fuckin' with the wrong one, trippin' Thirty round extension for the tension (brrt) Hundred round drum, listen Fuck around and end up missin' (brrt) Get 'em knocked off for a ticket Have my young nigga do the sentence Aw man, whip up the white, Wendy Pick up the pipe, and she get no penny (nope) Rockstar livin' life, Lenny You can do better, never settle Keep a Beretta, case of the pressure (brrt) I tell the plug mail 'em Which way? Dat way, tell 'em, ayy [Verse 3: Gucci Mane] Man it's Gucci Mane the Goat And I'm at these rappers throats I'm like Scarface on a banana boat, I'm tryna keep afloat Yeah it's Wop the Guwopster I live like a mobster Eat shrimp and lobster I flew in with a chopper Breaking bread that's my breakfast Two bitches I'm so selfish I wanna cut her off Her head too good it got me helpless Ya should feel embarrassed I just touched down in Paris My homie said he single but his side-bitches are married Save some for the drama though Guess I'm still the DJ [?] So I'm throwing cash and repay Flush it on the freeway Got cash [?] 3k Countin' cash for three days and all my pussy's prepaid