Migos - No Pad No Pencil (2013)

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Migos - No Pad No Pencil lyrics

Pull up Aston Martin, hop up in a '
Migo the label, got no pen, no paper
My shirt tiger stripe, the shoes alligator
My weed from Jamaica, money order this I go
I said open them way up, tell 'em I work out on Rio
I'mma plug in the CD with them chickens and pigeons
Cocaine and midget, plus I touch it, I flip it
I remember it's cool, tits are talking about history
I would try to make history, '
In that muscle car 12, put me over for flexin'

I got swingers, sour chicken'
I got soldiers in the streets, I'm commander in chief
When the J's hit the door I bet they nose bleed
I got a plug from Mexico and a plug that's Chinese
Bad bitch on my team, do whatever I please
Get thigh, cloud 9, she finess you with ease
At the jeweler, got me sick, achoo, I sneeze
Salute me, I'm a king, the others rest in peace
Last nigga try to judge him left him deceased
And we dumped him in the river, body stuffed with feces

I'm a cool division raised up with some principle
A lot like the seminals, baking soda and chemicals
I made it, I bake it, try to lie '
I be jigging for nothing, told a vision for money
Got a bumblebee belly, in my cup there's some honey
Take a trip to Bahamas, made the plug up from London
Because itching and craving, girl come taste it
No, my swag is not basic, gonna strut with no laces