Migos - In Yo Life (feat. Sean Kingston) (2014)

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Migos - In Yo Life (feat. Sean Kingston) lyrics

You Ain't never flip no work in yo life (IN YO LIFE)
You Ain't never hit no [?] in yo life (in yo life)
Got em bricks from MEXICO MEXICO
Got the plaque for the [?] x2

[Verse 1:QUAVO]
He ain't never flip no brick
He ain't never hit no lick
I pull up,and see`s your bich
She cooking that chick,finessing that bich
I am leaning like kickstand
Iam cooling with kickstand
My nigga he ain't never hit a [?]
With about 5 Niggas [?]
My nigga they taking the set they juug for fucking no reasons
They cookin n whippin em babies,no drought in my seizure
100 racks stuffed in my shoe box,rockin versace like 2 pac
Pull up and i got bazooka,got {?} like slick the ruler
Pull up [?] my ice is so cooler,shout to my jeweller
My bich wear [?],she came with a
[?] her dad from cuba

Iam the best plaque in the city.you [?]
Feelin like 50 get rich or die tryin
Give me a lick for amanda bynes.iam whippin [?] the babies is cryin
Jays they [?] jumpin like jordan,when the packs comig just stand in the line
Gas in my lungs,Iam calling up Sean we going to Jamaica to fuck with Diego
NO B.O.B but you know i got haters,we kicking the flava on top of sky-scrapper
The way that i grind you think iam a [?]