Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Someday I Suppose lyrics

There was a place
And the name of the place escapes me
When I can't remember
It irritates me
Could be I can't remember
Could be I choose to not,
Let's move the song along
And try to find the plot
There was a girl and I don't know her name either
She gave me love and I swore I'd never leave her
If I did I'd come back someday and find her
Maybe I will I should write down a reminder

One day! One day who knows
Someday! Someday I suppose

There was a verse that I was gonna write I haven't yet
But there's still a chance I might An open book
That I still want to close I'll find the time
Someday I suppose A place and time,
I wanna be and spend a storyline
That's happy in the end Plans are made
With promises so certainly uncertain
I can't wait to set things straight
before they close the curtain

One day! One day who knows
Someday! Someday I suppose

The more I sort it out
The more things gets distorted
I sort of think I'm better off just leaving it unsorted
The more I try to change it's course
The more off course it goes
Of course I'll reach my destination someday I suppose

Sort it out,
Get distorted
One day who knows
Hide behind,
Someday I suppose