Midwest Meltdown - T.T. (feat. Twista & Tech N9Ne) (2012)

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Midwest Meltdown - T.T. (feat. Twista & Tech N9Ne) lyrics

[Verse 1: T.T.]
Light a match I'm blowing up
That's a known fact
Accelerant lighter fluid gas
The ..never be a ..morning fast
You can burn my cash and everything around
We smell like smoke blowing on something
That's really no joke
When the ..and smoking the..
It's Tech N9ne, T.T, and Twista
Switching lanes, 500 horses
Time bed you know my switches getting split like divorces
I can't never burn out, no doubt we get smoked out
Say you ..so tell me what you're talking bout

Set your city on
I'm burning like fire
I melt you like fire, like fire
Like fire, like fire
I'm burning like fire
I smoke you ..fire
Fi fire.. like fire

[Verse 2: Twista]
It's only right that Twista speak about the fire
Lovin' the feelin' when I fill up a Backwood
Smoke the blunt up till I'm fucked up
Cough till I wanna upchuck
Now I'm feelin' good
Takin' a hit of it than I be going off into oblivion
When I be blowin' the Afghani or the OG
Kush tokin' bout a bush
If I see you blowin' Purple nigga I wanna hit it
Act like you know me
Always blowin loud with my people
Flow so good that my style is evil
Steady spinnin' on my women in the summer
Like lemons in the Hummer
I got Sour Diesel
Smokin' Headband
Make a nigga do a headstand
Green Crack make me lean back
From the shine to the twin cities
Ready to spend 50
Pullin' up your block
Have you seen that


[Verse 3: Tech N9ne]
Tech livin' it up
Straight givin' it up
Sex diggin' in guts
Women know I'm makin' everything cream
Wreck in than I bust
That's when I'm in lust
Wet women are sexy
Richie richie professor king bean
I got the fire for laday luck I'm a live wire
And she's a thicky thick and you can't green up than I'll fly her
Buy her desire's than annihilate her midnight attire
Didn't the knight say I've had better, bitch liar liar
Flyed it to buy up in the sky I'm a spit the flame
Quick to rip it and get to trippin' you victim wit the gang
Get the picture frame
For the nigga to get the blame
Grip the pistol bang
To your nipple the missile came
You better know this soowoo bidness nigga
Don't wanna fuck around and get lit up in your liver
Betta consider I'm a heavy hitter to spit a gat
So watch your mouth when you speak to me 'fore I give you that

[Hook x2]