Midnight Reign - Goodbye... lyrics

It never really mattered that much to me anyway
It seemed like the hundredth time you'd left me and gone away
Open door and I don't have that much to say...
I guess it wasn't open enough for me to see

It's so hard to say goodbye to you
The only thing I ever needed I found in you

I kill myself just to be a man but still something's wrong
I drink all night just to make it right but still the whiskeys not gone...

It's all the same
Nothing ever changes
It's all in vain now that your gone
So I say goodbye

I never had much time to think about the past
All the things I love never seem to last
And all the things that hurt me haunt me everyday
I guess it doesn't matter now that you've gone away...

Couldn't win,couldn't loose,my fates not only for me to choose
Was it right I'll never know