Mick Ronson - Take A Long Line lyrics


He was selling postcards from a paper stand
a whiskey bottle in his withered hand
he put a finger on a photo from an old magazine
and saw himself in the shadow of his dream
They found him with his head inside a tin-pot crown
told him his feet stank and took him downtown
called him agitator, spy and thief
shut him up in solitary third degree

take a long line, reel him in...

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He tried to appeal to the king of might
he said "I'm just excercising my sacred right"
the king he said "You ain't got no rights
you're a madman, a traitor, get outta my sight"

take along line, reel him in...

They put him aboard a well wound whirlwind
pulled out his teeth and told him to grin
he gave them a smile, pulled out a bottle of wine
and said "I never existed, you've been wasting your time"

take a long line, reel him in...