Mick Jenkins - Lazarus (2014)

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Mick Jenkins - Lazarus lyrics

[Verse 1]
For thirty pallets most niggas be off balance
We started with the writtens my hands will be all callous, in no time
Got up in this bitch we just like park it
And they won't validate my shit without a cosign, can't play on both sides
We sleep with both eyes open, I be the token
Black guy in the room full of people screaming "nigga" with me
That ain't my wrong if they shitting with me
And shit I wrote, why hate it, they quote it, shit is feeling iffy
And all this water got me feeling misty we making mad noise
Tell them flamethrowers I be Blastoise in your city
Dropping dope I could have dealed the Whitney
Sparked epiphany he spitting piffany swiftly
The aftermath is fifty-fifty, how you dealing with me?
You either healing or you're killing, all the weapons you're wielding
No prosper, I be no doctor, naw, he much too sickly
You must believe it though, he must be Ripley
The [?] on how these buckets venting homie with your thinking cap back
Know what you seeking but I ain't preaching, a deacon of sorts
Hold your head boy they preaching your thoughts
Have your soul for a fucking Jesus piece and a Porsche
A couple years pouring [?] and the peace to your corpse
We lost one, just know that I can never get that jaded
If ever a bone to pick, know I never be dislocated
I'm off one, burning with the sage for the good vibes
You better know that you fucking with some good guys
But if you ever fail to drop cess from your [?] at us
Know that in a swift moment we could be good fellas, it;s not a game
Drop flames like Mario off the flower, cardio for an hour, these niggas ain't got no heart
I see ten men, stay with the amen's, making better decisions like my wisdomw teeth came in
Came in, wondering if I put it in laymens terms you worms couldn't fuck with an early bird at your best
Young Lazarus on the rise, I'm laying it down to rest, and it's free