Michial Farmer - Automatic lyrics

You're the one who never gets what she wants
You never get what you want
And I'm the one who's always tripping around here
"We always stumble in here..."

And it's automatic
And you'll never know the truth
The truth is unattainable to you

And when we wake up tomorrow
We'll be wearing the same clothes
But nothing ever happens, does it?
And we got blood on a wire
We get blood on everything
But we still got some bleeding left to do

Yeah, and I would stoop down
Kiss your feet
Lie down in the street in the snow
But someone stopped the big clock
Just when I was hanging out the 37th floor

Another gin and tonic
Another highball-glass solution just to numb it all
Break my neck and speed my fall
And you'll come down that spiral
You'll come answer every call
'Til one day I stop making them