Michael Shelly - Digital Love lyrics

Your Style Is So Amazing I Want You
And Everything You Do Got's Me Chasing After You
I Never Felt Like This Im So Confused
I Want You Callin locked Down All On You

I Love Your Style You Rockin' That Hat Girl
Mrs Independent You Counting Them Stacks Girl
If i aint Never Thought I'd Feel Like This
Your Everything I Want If I Made That Wish

Digital Love x's 6

Look Even Though I've Never Seen You Before
You Stay On My Mind I Stay Crashing Like A Meteior
I Just Want To Meet You, See You, You Live So Far Away
I Stay Counting Days Till Me & You Can Fly Away
Hold You, Hug You, Kiss You, Touch You

Late Nights iChat I Aint Tryna Bug You
But You Are So Beautiful
I Am So Pittafull
On The MacBook Baby You Are So Digital



(Verse 3)
I Never Met You In My Life But I Think Im In Love
Just The Thought Of Your Touch Girl I Cant Get Enough
I Wish I Could Fly To Your City And Hang Out With You
But I Know Thats Just A Dream That Wont Come True