Michael Roe - The Boat Ashore lyrics

Woke up in the morning, and it felt like the black of night

Tumbled out of bed

Tripped on my Bible

Stumbled over the light

Blinded by the break of day, I shut my eyes

I was alone

Couldn't say my prayers

Good God almighty, where's my telephone?

And now I know

Now I know

Know what You meant when You told me You wanted to hold me

Hold me

(Take my hand and lead)

Hold me forever

(Walk this land with me)

Hold me and never

(I'll be there, don't leave)

Tell me you'll ever

(For forever)

Let me go

No, no I did not know

I did not understand the plan You had for me

And it isn't that I don't believe

I do believe that You truly love me

Yeah, but how do I reciprocate when I know there's nothing good in me?

Say it's so

Say it so

Say it 'til I really hear it when You say, "Don't fear it

Let go"

Crash me

Wash me on Your shore

Drifted way too far from my moorings and more

Overboard the oars went

Relentless was the roll of the restless sea

Set me free from its treacherous shoals

Now that I have run this boat ashore, don't let me go

Now I know

Now I know I know like never before

You wait

You waited for me, and I know

Now I know