Michael Isley Band - Graduation Day lyrics

Graduation day will come and go
Looking back, these years haven't gone that slow
Finding love in high school could never be too smart
But you know exactly who you're dreaming of, right from the start

Well you were the shining star in my dreams
You're like a rose, colored and delighting constantly
You're out of the park yeah, your beauty's flying high
You keep on believing, you keep reaching for the sky

You're gonna fly
You're gonna fly
Yeah Yeah

Wake up tomorrow, you'll see the rain is gone
But not for me Hun, its been raining all month long
And California's sun will never let you down
For me for awhile, while I'm stuck in this town

Stuck in this town
Stuck in this town
Yeah Yeah

Your life's been one I've been dying to be a part of, since the day we caught eyes
And knowing you, and learning how you were brought up
But getting that chance doesn't seem to play in my cards or ever come around
And holding close your hand is a dream I see from a far

(Come seek me out)
If your future keeps a memory
Of a certain time in your history
With heart and eyes of my empathy
Keep it clear for you always to see

(Come seek me out)
And if you're blind, feel free to stop by
There's a light I see healing human eyes
You will see, you will see the path reveal
A moment no one, not one of you, not one of you could steal