Micahfonecheck - Girls In America (feat. Kendrick Lamar) (2012)

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Micahfonecheck - Girls In America (feat. Kendrick Lamar) lyrics

[Kendrick Lamar]
Welcome me, come to me now
Help a king
I need assistance, I've been on high
Ages for ages and now I'm missing
My U.S. love
In the home of the Beyonce's
Or the lease and Alicia Key to my place
Tango a la Congo, per se?

Straight up out the jungle and I"m feeling lonely
I'm going to the land where they got the milkin' honeys
So let's flip a coin, see which city we goin
L.A. or Miami, no matter long as it's sunny
It be cold in New York, I heat it up
Baby, strip, I'm blowing all of my bucks
Forget about Houston dough with the Houston flow
Purple swag and I'm moving slow
Circling a nigga named Prince
Cause he got all them Houston broads

Loving girls in America
I love them girls in America

Me and my driver will march all over your party
We crash up your club and we don't say sorry
We don't play with Arab money, we play with that safari
But you know I am a prince and I give a damn...hardly

We coming for them girls in the cities
You better tuck your girl or she'll come with me

[Kendrick Lamar]
This is country
I touch every city that I touch down, score
Endzone more
Rozay watch role play, 10-4
Tap that, baby, O.J., oh boy
Magnum glove, I'm sorry judge, but every pretty girl
Wanna fall in love, I'm a high king, prince of amonda
Shine like a jeweler
One railway from a high beam
They like me too
I am their type: crazy
And they say he turned up, you darn right
She 25, I call her light
I call her sex, you call her wife
And that ain't right, ya hurrd me?
Forgive me lawd mercy!