MiChi - One Of A Kind lyrics

I stroll in you stare
I wonder why I'm here
Hearing the same old lines
あきれた Explaining

Where you from?
Hey, what d'ya what d'ya do?
How do you dream at night?
ありふれた Questions

I go left
開かない Door
So I try going right
ふさいでいる Guard man

This is when my demon starts to come
I will stab you down

Damn you making a fool of me
表紙で Judging 浅い Expression
最後に Tell you just one more time
You really don't get it
My ハートは One of a kind

Yeah I see you
An outsider crying out
Feeling their eyes on you
なりたい Somebody else

Endless ifs
Another string of wish
I know わかるよ
But let's get out of the clouds

So what do you want?
You wanna be like them?
When what you have inside
世界で Only one

You're perfect, yeah
Just the way you are
Just let it out

Damn them making a fool of you
無駄な Your time 壊れた Your Smile
最後に Tell you just one more time
You really should get it
Your ハートは One of a kind

I can be just who I wanna be
Do What I want I'm the one
Making all my own rules
だからって それで良いよ
It's all a game