Mgla - Power And Will I lyrics

We've been given claws (and) not without reason / As through strength we shall put the world to sleep / We've been given our roles of beasts so fierce / So we shall wipe the earth clear of human dust

We speak the words of destruction / we sing the songs of death / To finally speak in the tongue of the self and throw away the pest / We won't witness the Phoenix rising, yet its paws will hold our triumph / And our everlasting precious ability to strangle (ourselves)

What a way to perish / What a way to fade

We've been given teeth to tear stagnation with / Yet make us remember our carnal animal past / To find a new dimension in the worn out universe / Constant development through constant struggle

Ours were the hands that threw the rocks / And we would have thrown (them) a billion times more / 'cause there will always be the shepherd, so called, hounds / And it's our duty and power and will - to kill

A time to stand up, a time to kill / Beat the shit out of the corpse of a certain dead jew