Mf - On And On, Again And Again lyrics

Love is a realization, an interpretation,
Of what you mean to me, of what you mean to me
Time, the slavemaster of humanity,
No such thing as the present,
It is swallowed up by the second,
Thoughts of the past, swallowed up by reality,

You're like warm water in the desert,
The want is weak, but the need is strong
Ponder the abstract
Fire and love and song
A sound wave that lingers on
And on and on and on and on

Fallen and lurking in the shadows
Hiding with the devil whispering in my ears
I'm being beckoned to the meadows
Doubt, frustration, being afraid of what's not to fear

My Lord, it feels as if I have been forsaken
Left alone, no answer to prayer, and taken
Illusionistic kaleidoscopes;
Visions of finishing drowned to going back to begin again;
And again and again and again,
Begin again, again, again, and again