Mexican Fish Tacos - Blond Haired Mind Fuck lyrics

How the fuck could you do this to me
You hurt me in ways that you just cant see
You really stooped incredibly low
You used my love to fuel your ego

I thought that night you were being sincere
My heart did melt cuz the things I did hear
I was finally happy in that very special way
I swear to god your going to pay

What the fuck were you thinking about
Toying with me like this
I dont know where you fucking get off
Treating your friends like piss

I dont know what you were going to try
But I guess you just dont care
I heard guys arent supposed to cry
But my heart you did tear

I would of gladly died for you
You treated me like something that was stuck to your shoe
I always thought you were better than this
Its just your warmth that I really do miss

I envisioned having a family with you
I tried everything so what can I do
Youll get yours I dont know from who
I know one day someone will do this to you