Method Man - Serious (feat. Hanz On) (2015)

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Method Man - Serious (feat. Hanz On) lyrics

[Verse 1: Hanz On]
Hanz on he yo beast
Meth lab we gon' feast
Mad now call him Cheech
Meth man got the keef
Street lights in the building
Wu bang for the children
You know the stat and we the best
Come meet these killers in the flesh

[Method Man]
5 thousand dollars on the love sofa
Stealing public houses with them love coca
Still love the culture and them bud smokers
But to my soldiers that cross line, that loves over
See I ain't never wrote a raps over
A loss cost but a win free, [?]
Situation fishy like some bad chocha
Or y'all just tryna twist me like some bad yoga

[Hanz On]
[?] you know what it is
Nowadays I got bills and kids
Like bills in that type of shit
These niggas busy tryna keep it lit
Homie lying on the smartphone
I'm tryna tell em need to stop holmes
This shit ain't bout eating babies
And have em have me acting crazy

[Method Man]
I'm too hot and still fire baby
And 2pac is still alive baby
I love my family cuz they mine baby
They get to [?]
Whatever happen to them crack babies
Hello [?] smoking some crack maybe
And I don't know where you rappers getting your batch lately
Before you rappers, its a rap send in a fat lady

[Verse 2: Hanz On]
Its like my killers they on call dog
Do ya dirty call ya boss hog
Terminate em like a loss
I see his death to all those fake frauds
I swear to god I'm so serious
Got me getting these guns if you curious
From killing out here to the west

[Method Man]
Got lavels calling cuz I rhyme slick
Ask berry crock where them pies trick
See I ain't lying when that lie lit
I touch a cloud, it only raise when I spit
I'm tryna tell these rappers when I spit
Update the app in yo Iphones like Iquick