Method Man - 88 Coupes (Freestyle) (2015)

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Method Man - 88 Coupes (Freestyle) lyrics

[Verse 1]
Man, I don't know what they smokin'
Our rappers must be on that Lindsay Lohan
I think that snow bunny got 'em open
Your 'erb smell funny and I funny like we jokin'
Look, if it ain't about this money, don't approach 'em
If you do try and play, I got a K that can coach 'em
Pen game, poke 'em like an inmate in foursome
I'm for that, it's nothin' like a doormat, you're welcome
Huh, shout-out to Jadakiss and French
I got two French vanillas French kissin', that's a pimp
If my goon don't stretch 'em wit' the weapon, that's a ten
Little meth in your possession, that's possession wit' intent, bruh
It's a hard knock life, but we find a way
And we still find the time to write a rhyme a day
I'm tryin' to send my babies to college
Why you rappers babysittin' your pockets?
I want your life or your wallet
Brr, that's the sound of the roscoe
Mexicans is vatos, skinny jeans is flacko
That means I'm tight wit' you, I'm ready to fight wit' you
Please, and that don't mean I'm tryin' to be polite wit' you
Nah, see, I ain't even try and griped wit' you
So take your team if they ain't tryin' to lose they life wit' you
Back down while I'm puttin' this MAC down
But only for a limited time, homie, so act now
Bruh, keep it a hundred and a Backwood
Who else could think on an empty stomach? I'm that good
Far from the slave ship, just far from basic
Started from the basement, now we're y'all replacements
Rap star Belly, magazine, who sixteen?
Son, you all ready, headshot, all beggin'
Man in the myth, take a stand, any stand on the Fifth
I'm tryin' to hold it down, I hold the Clan
Get a grip, Lord, from this jump I got my hand on the ripcord
And I ain't tryin' to bite the hand off your bit Ford
Now y'all done got the Method Man on some rich border
I'm gettin' paid and I'm full
Y'all sheep for the wolves, we gon' eat 'til we good
Y'all don't speak when you should, ain't no peace in my hood