Mest - That Song lyrics

I'll say it once I'll say it twice you look real fine you look
real nice but from here what do I do maybe you have a
boyfriend and maybe you don't but it don't matter 'cause we
probably won't talk tonight
I said stay here with me 'cause I wanna' see what kind of
person you are but because I can't talk and speak what I
thought you drift away so far stay here with me breakitdown

that cute little blonde streak in your hair that nerdy guy's got
his arm around you that ain't fair but am I really the one that
is the nerd because of h im to you my voice will never be
I don't wanna be just another guy and I don't wanna be just
another guy that comes to you and tells you you're fine and
you walk away cause you ain't got the time to listen to what
I think oh how I wish that you were mine you were mine oh