Mercy Arms - Half Right lyrics

Said she'd been on my mind.
19 times today.
Looking back that's fine.
Say what you have to say.
Well I can hardly breathe
She screamed as she hit the floor
Please don't leave me tonight.
Not tonight.

Taking back what's mine.
Never was so hard
Maybe I need more time
Oh I just can't explain
I just wanna live.
So why do you bring me down
Please just stay tonight
Just tonight.

In a world where they're half right
In a world where you're half right.

Said that she could work on the weekdays
We'd be out of here (well I don't know, I don't know)
And if it's true then tell me what has changed
Nah I don't feel the same (well I don't know)
I don't know.

In a world where you're half right
In a whorld where you're half right
In a world.