Merchandise - I Locked The Door lyrics

All I have are questions
I feel the room give way and start to fill
but its so dark inside
I locked the door I'm a little boy
I think we're alone but my past is haunting me
yes my past is hunting me

But for now it's here and it's better left unsaid
when you curl away you take me too
maybe I'll wake in another place
but you don't wake, you're fast asleep
now I'm gone and there's no one

I ask you to hold your arms open
no but the words don't seem to come no
in the dark, when you put your hands on me
and you whisper something back so that I can't hear

But now your body is folded shut
and what once was my house now lay in ruins
with both arms I tried to keep it up
but they buckle under the stone and now I sleep under her

Now I sleep under her

Please don't go
open the door
just let me have this memory