Mercenary - Welcome The Sickness

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Mercenary - Welcome The Sickness lyrics

I fall, I fall beneath these remains
To crawl until my knees bleed

Inflicting pain
Upon my hollow shell
This is my torment
My personal hell
Forever to be inflicted
Welcome the sickness

Become the pain
Feel the fire
Inside the worms
They turn
Bleed your desire

Is this really the end
Is this really the end
Is this really
Is this really
Is this really
The end

I crawl, I crawl on broken knees
To die upon my misery

Injecting shame
A needle full of hatred
This is my vengeance
My personal hell
Forever in this sickness
Never forgiveness

How long will we decay
How much longer can we stand
One man's loss is another's pain
Another strain upon this life
That we obtain

What is this hell I must put you through?
To define the scars you inflicted