Mercedes Rose - Shlishting (Chris) lyrics

I?ve been sitting beside myself
At the edge of the earth,
Trying to find a
Reason for why we?re still here
And why we?re still fighting.
And yesterday after the battles had ensued,
I think to myself about all these families,
And how they?re missing a member now,
If it?s not them it?s me,

I don?t take pleasure in this
No choice, no options, no remorse
Am I the martyr or the ghost?
Am I the martyr, am I the ghost?

Taking these tainted miss lead lives,

Is what a man like me only knows how to do,
Forgive these hands,
Forgive these eyes,
For the things they?ve done
And the things they?ve seen
And the things they?re about to do

Let?s make it through this night
Let?s makes everything right
Let?s make it through this night
Let?s make it out alive!