Mental Demise - Coitus Per Machina lyrics

Lustful human creature turns on power,
Trembling extremities draw omnious helmet on head...
Craving, puny body dove
Into stuffing with microelectronics scaphander.
Enter... lustful human perverse mind
Is suffocating with sweet illusions.
It has created a virtual proliferous promiscuity here!
Fucking of emptiness filled with morbid shapes.
You are pitilessly masturbated by machine! Cyberorgasm...
Your digital cub is lifelessly fucking you stronger and stronger.
Sperm is flowing into the reservoir where begins to decompose...
You don't want to change anything,
You don't need the warm live pussy!
You are mental impotent, you'll be dead from psychoexaustion!
Being transfigured into squeezed sack, soaked with shit,
Rotten piss and semen...
Harmony is infringed by coitus per machina...