Menam - Sundown Tears lyrics

Sundown tears -
A cold wind kindles me

At the dawn of my rebirth

Tears of joy -

Fading my heart into grey

Nothing can hide me
Nature is so prude

At the birth of the earth

Sundown tears -

A legacy for my sins

Tears of joy -
Streaming down the shore -

The wrecked ship of my slaughter

Grateful emptiness

Blinding my bursted eyelids

Leading me to nowhere -
(Confusion of the rites -)
Shining rhymes will prosper
Through the thoughts of my dreams
Lonely child forever

Leading me to nowhere

Sundown tears -
Ashes of the fate

Screaming at the unknown

Tears of joy -

Illusion of freedom (emptiness)

Nothing can hide me
My will is so pure
When the sun is dying -