Memphis Bleek - Serato & Blunts (2011)

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Memphis Bleek - Serato & Blunts lyrics

Fresh out the crib smell like Amin
Thank God the life I am living Amin
I’ve been to different countries
Busing up different currencies
Me getting felatio
Is that a high ratio

Maybe I’ll buy .. just to burn it
With my niggers when I get back to the town
The haters on the block
But I’ll be at the mall
Trying to buy me some snitch
To match the polo that I bought
Polo V the logo or …you name it
.. fly to Vegas
Sweets at the .. I flew couple Jamaica …
Tell my nigger friend .. getting popping this shit
Cause tonight is the .. and I do it so big

I say a grace for this shit
I am kicking with this bro
She asks me where I’ve been at
I told her I am dancing with the stars
You get that I went place that these niggers will never go
It’s been 6 months but it feels like forever dough
And I am feeling hoods like these rappers will never be
Mingle with some .. and you know they got .. for me
But any nigger tell you homie let’s ride
Cause I rather fuck some bitches …
And I respect that
Every way I got connects at .. respect real
So we met where the checks are