Memphis Bleek - Grind (2011)

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Memphis Bleek - Grind lyrics

This the big k ground hang on my nine
Still blowing line mother reach other swan
Yeah i'm on the low low docking pigs .. solo
Still i'm blowing that .. my rowdy got the foe foe
I pull up to the club and something i'm ..a couple hundred
With a couple bad b*tches honey bottles when i come to that via
I'm on that teen g high, twenty in my trues if it ain't those
Is the devise gucci on my feet if it ain't i'm rockin ..
.. like these boots i got .. thousand pair
When you smell it in the air then you know my team there
And everybody strapped here we got them things here
So tell em p**sy fag nigga see me when they see me
'cause they just wanna hate me 'cause they busy tryin to be me

Their pretty ladies meet me and they know just how to great me
I call em .. free free and we're gonna skip skip
And we'll be doing what we want to
I send my .. on trust me when i warn you
Niggas just gonna mourn you .. battle with ..
My niggas just like gonna do
Yeah so made that nigga .. while i blow this brand
Take a side with diesel to the hand.
Cush gang get low ..
Brooklyn the whole new york you know what it is
Holla ..when you see .. in the streets ..