Memphis Bleek - By Myself (2011)

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Memphis Bleek - By Myself lyrics

Yeah, Brooklyn, ... you already know what it is!
Kush gang, get low,
All my real niggers in the street getting that money
You already know what it’s about
Fuck bullshit!
Let’s get it!

The sorrow fill up the hood, power fill up the block,
Niggers meet in the office, I politic on the block,
Niggers watching the phone, I’m watching out for the cops,
The hustlers want the Kush… fuck with the rap
It’s all the same game my friend maintain,
I ain’t gang affiliated but I still bang.
You know.. that are all time high,
So now when the body drop we don’t ask why.
We even go… only time we party is when…
Mind on the money, that defines my motivation,
If everybody winning, then it’s cause for celebration
If not, grind mode! .. down in the style with one of my…
Watching that .. move, my homie got a …
In fact, this is what.. had you,
Cause opportunity don’t ever knock on the hood door.
We take it, what you think we rap like…
So a nigger know we’re cool like that,
The same nigger will plan a game, while we move like that.
I keep the tune like this, yeah, life’s a bitch
But I fuck with her, who else can put out with my shit?
Cause when times get hard, we relocate to the…
Some drink the pain .. I put my pain in the…
Hood, it burns slow, it rides slow,
Fuck the term.. which way to go?
I’m lost but I can find myself,
Yeah, I’m real to the core, I must remind myself
When you’re going do some shit, that’s when you find yourself,
Say fuck everybody.. rely on self!
Like, gimmie the hammer, I’ll go… myself,
I’ll give it to whoever wanted, nigger by myself!

Yeah, brother!
You don’t know what a fuck this is anyway!
If Kush got…. I bleed….
They ain’t got no.. they ain’t got no…
The money even got no eyes…
Fucking… this Kush…