Memento Mori - Crown Of Thorns (Part Ii, Iii And Iv) lyrics

Crown of thorns [8x]

You don't know what you've done
You're heartless
Like a serpent with virtuous eyes
You're a crawling lie
Just a fool's disguise

Crown of thorns [2x]

Perpetuate your lies today
To make my dignity decay
Like a G-point of your hate
I am the scapegoat you create

Crown of throns
I'll never wear your
Crown of thorns

I don't care what youve done
Your spineless
Words so blameful are
Shameless false
Tell me what are you when
Your conscience calls?

Crown of thorns [2x]

You don't know where I have been
And you will see what I have seen
You can't feel what I have felt
And you can't go where I have dwelt

Crown of thorns
I'll never wear you
Crown of thorns