Melodie MC - Dum Dam Dum lyrics (Chinese translation). | *Dum Dam Da Dum...
, That's the way you got to go
, So put your hands in the air when I say so
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Melodie MC - Dum Dam Dum (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: *Dum Dam Da Dum...
ZH: * Dum 坝 Da Dum......

EN: That's the way you got to go
ZH: 这就是你要去的方式

EN: So put your hands in the air when I say so
ZH: 当我这样说,所以把手放在空气中

EN: As the rhythm goes tom, tom, tom, ta, tom, tim
ZH: 随着节奏汤姆,汤姆,汤姆,ta,汤姆、 蒂姆 ·

EN: I got to go, I got to step, I got to swing
ZH: 我要去,我要一步,我有摇摆

EN: So come along, come along we got it going on
ZH: 所以来,来我们做的一切

EN: No we never stop,
ZH: 我们从来没有停止,

EN: we never stop until the break of dawn
ZH: 我们从来没有停止直到破晓

EN: And by the way I got to say
ZH: 顺便说一下我得说

EN: I never do a job unless I know
ZH: 我从不做一份工作,除非我知道

EN: I'm gonna get paid
ZH: 我要得到报酬

EN: That's why I stick to the cash flow
ZH: 这就是为什么我坚持现金流量

EN: So when I got to go I always go with a hooo!!!
ZH: 所以我要走的时候我总是去 hooo!!!

EN: So coem and get some,
ZH: 所以 coem 买一些,

EN: come and come and get some
ZH: 来和前来买一些

EN: But don't try to bite
ZH: 但别想咬人

EN: because you know that I got a gun
ZH: 因为你知道我有一把枪

EN: So don't you ever try to fool me
ZH: 所以你过别想骗我

EN: 'Cause if you try to fool me
ZH: 因为如果你试图愚弄我

EN: get away is not that easy
ZH: 离开并不容易

EN: But anyway I got to step on it
ZH: 但无论如何我要踩它

EN: Got to, got to, go, got to, get, got to go for it
ZH: 到了,到了,去,到,get,得去为它

EN: Like a bird in a tree fly easy
ZH: 像一只鸟在树飞很容易

EN: Catch the rhythm is the cause of the Melodie
ZH: 抓住节奏是 Melodie 的原因

EN: *Repeat
ZH: * 重复

EN: Now bring that beat back, bring that beat back
ZH: 现在带打回来,带回来的那种节拍

EN: The tom, tidi, tidi, tom Sidelake Drum pack
ZH: 汤姆、 tidi、 tidi、 汤姆 Sidelake 鼓包

EN: Left, right, left, right stereo
ZH: 左、 右、 左、 右立体声

EN: So come on everybody get ready
ZH: 所以拜托大家都做好准备

EN: 'cause here we go
ZH: 因为我们走

EN: Straight into yes, the Melodie
ZH: 直入 yes、 Melodie

EN: Come, come and get some,
ZH: 来,过来买一些,

EN: come, come follow me
ZH: 快,快跟我走

EN: Step by step by, move by move
ZH: 一步一步一步,是通过移动的移动

EN: And then you just dance to the groove
ZH: 然后你只是跳舞到凹槽

EN: Like 1, 2, 3, yes in the palace to be
ZH: 1、 2、 3 等是在宫殿要像

EN: Ready for action, down with the SLP
ZH: 准备行动,向下与 SLP

EN: And new school leader of a dope crowd
ZH: 和新学校领导的吸毒人群

EN: Stand tall and proud
ZH: 高大和骄傲

EN: And if you like it, scream loud
ZH: 如果你喜欢它,大声尖叫

EN: Yaeeee!!! That' sthe way it comes
ZH: Yaeeee!!!' Sthe 方式它来

EN: Me on the microphone,
ZH: 我上麦克风,

EN: Statikk on the funky drums
ZH: 时髦鼓 Statikk

EN: With my cause and my question
ZH: 与我的事业和我的问题

EN: Try to catch the rhythm so give me a suggestion
ZH: 尝试捕捉节奏所以给我一个建议

EN: *Repeat
ZH: * 重复

EN: Feel the groove and let the rhythm flow
ZH: 感觉凹槽和让节奏流动