Mellowdrone - Spoiled Boy lyrics

A collect call from your son
He's got some problems with me and you
I showed him what life is
He seemed dissappointed
Expecting more
I guess

He hides undercover
Doesn't play much with others
I think he's spoiled or dumb
He's seen the real world
And now he's real bored
Let's set him up
Then go

He cared so easy
Reads slow and pissing off everyone that cares
Bottle of water
Credit cards
Smooth skin
And shiny cars
Prescription drugs that we all love
Sweet things that dreams are made of
Baby you lied

What's the point?
It's all been done
We all sound just like someone
Who has done it before
Who has done it right
I wonder why we even try now
Don't get me wrong I don't think it's wrong
The only thing wrong is this song