Mellowdrone - Oh My lyrics

What may I ask
Is never enough
It's never too sweet
And it's never too rough

What's there to do
While you're waiting your turn
Just pick on your scabs
And watch your cigarette burn


It's just that I act
So stupid sometimes
I forget all the rules
Of waiting in line

Don't get me wrong
Because I'm happy to be
Anything but still
Oh my, what a wonderful day for me

There's so much out there
That you can't see
From sitting in here
But don't you worry

Because I'll bring you the world
I'll bring you it all
You don't have to work
You don't have to crawl


OK it's time
We're leaving this place
Tie up your lace
For the second footrace

The monsters next door
And the lack of space
Are no longer ours
Because we really don't need it

Oh my, what a wonderful day for me
Bring me back that
Nothing better than
Being with me