MellowHigh - Go (2012)

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MellowHigh - Go lyrics

[Verse 1: Hodgy Beats]
??? be like a fucking giraffe
I'm schooling it cuz, cool it nigga
I ain't fucking with class
Countin' cheerios, I ain't talkin' cereal
You pussy niggas venereal, it's that time of the month
I spark in the dark like I'm lighting a blunt
Slide up in a drunk cunt and give her what she don't want
I'm smokin', she's snortin'
I'm pimpin' like Jordan
My bitches' assortments, I make them important
Your bitch smell like a ??? aight
Nigga mine is gorgeous, no chicken head
I'm gettin' head while gettin' bread
I live instead to make your life a living dead
Get it? Yeah, I'm like a riverbed with a vocab
My technology is programmed to smoke grams
Go ham, this just one of my slow jams
Pull the Dom Perignon and the ace of spades
Get drunk on you bitch maids, lemonade
Bittersweet, I ain't in the hood but I'm in the streets
Just ask my name, bitch

You know my MO, extra'd out ammo
My fingers ticklish like elmo
My ??? camo, you lil' niggas nano
The first move since the ???
Quasadilla with the carne asada
???, I fiend for the ganja
That's me
Pack it in the bowl with golden spoons
Put the stems in hot water like you're holdin' shrooms

[Verse 2: Domo Genesis]
Fuck your fuckin' assumptions
I get it bumpin' like acne on a pre-teen
Puffin' mean green 'till my world feel like a green screen
Started off a nightmare, now I fuckin' eat dreams
They be fiendin' for the shit that we bring
We the redeem team, bars like sing-sing
And I'm about to spring clean these scenes
I was born to run, Bruce Springsteen
Son of a bitch and a half
Trick, I spaz shit
Nine lives left to react bitch, you catnip
Swag sick, turn a snobby ho into a bagged bitch
Swag like it's crack on deck, the fiends backflip
Lay that whack shit in a casket
Bum ass raps with no point like a cracked wrist
And I've been at it for a year and a half
Fast motion, same lane, gearin' the gas
And I ain't fuckin' with these niggas
All I'm hearin' is trash
I fuck with gettin' paid nigga
All I'm hearin' is cash, bitch