Melissa Lyons And Julie Stevens - I Am A Girl Like You lyrics

Princess Anneliese: I'm savoring a first and last
taste of freedom before getting married next week.
To a total stranger...
Erika: At least you're not an indentured servant.
Princess Anneliese: An indentured servant?

Erika: If I'd like to have my breakfast hot
Madame Carp will make me pay
And I have to fetch the eggs myself
And the barn's a mile away!
It's cold and wet, yet still I get
An omelet on my plate
But in my head I'm back in bed
Snuggled up and sleeping late

Princess Anneliese: Really?
Erika: Really. But it's all right;
I mean, I'm used to it. And you?
Princess Anneliese: Well...
Erika: Well?

Princess Anneliese: If I want some eggs, I ring the bell
And the maid comes running in
And she serves them on a silver tray
And she brings the cookie tin
And while I eat, she rubs my feet
And strolling minstrels play
But I'd rather be in my library
Reading science books all day

Erika: I'm just like you
Princess Anneliese: You are?
Erika: You're just like me.
There's somewhere else we'd rather be
Somewhere that's ours
Somewhere that dreams come true
Yes I am a girl like you!
You'd never think
That it was so
But now I've met you and I know
It's plain as day
Sure as the sky is blue
That I am a girl like you

Princess Anneliese: So, you're a singer?
Erika: No, I work at Madame Carp's penitentiary.
Uh, I mean, dress importium.
Princess Anneliese: I love Madame Carp's dresses!
Erika: I made the one your wearing...
Princess Anneliese: You made this?
The design looks so complicated.

Erika: Oh, but it isn't really.
First I chose a fabric from the rack
And I pin the pattern down
And I stitch it in the front and back
And it turns into a gown
Princess Anneliese: I wear that gown
Without my crown
And dance around my room
Both: And image life without the strife
of an unfamiliar groom!

Princess Anneliese: But I'd never let my mother know.
I wouldn't want to disappoint her.
Erika: I completely understand.

Princess Anneliese: I'm just like you
Erika: I think that's true
Princess Anneliese: You're just like me
Erika: Yes I can see
Both: We take responsibility
Princess Anneliese: We carry through
Erika: We carry through
Both: Do what we need to do
Yes I am a girl like you
Erika: I'm just like you
Princess Anneliese: I'm just like you
Erika: You're just like me
Princess Anneliese: You're just like me
Both: It's something anyone can see
Princess Anneliese: A heart that beats
Erika: A he art that beats
Both: A voice that speaks the truth

Yes I am a girl like you!