Megadeth - Train Of Consequences lyrics (Chinese translation). | I'm doing you a favor
, As I'm taking all your money
, I guess I should feel sorry
, But I don't...
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Megadeth - Train Of Consequences (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: I'm doing you a favor
ZH: 我在帮你

EN: As I'm taking all your money
ZH: 由于我是你的钱都

EN: I guess I should feel sorry
ZH: 我想我应该感到抱歉

EN: But I don't even trust me
ZH: 但我都不相信我

EN: There's bad news creeping up
ZH: 也有坏消息在悄悄

EN: And you feel a sudden chill
ZH: 你感觉到骤冷

EN: How do you do? My name is trouble
ZH: 你好?我的名字叫麻烦

EN: I'm coming in for the kill...
ZH: 我为杀了进来......

EN: And you know I will
ZH: 你知道我会

EN: Set the ball A-Rollin
ZH: 设置 A 罗林的球

EN: I'll be clicking off the miles
ZH: 我会单击关闭英里

EN: On the train of consequences
ZH: 造成的后果在火车上

EN: My boxcar life O' style
ZH: 我奥样式的棚车生活

EN: My thinking is derailed
ZH: 我的想法被脱轨

EN: I'm tied up to the tracks
ZH: 我被绑轨道

EN: The train of consequences
ZH: 在火车的后果

EN: There ain't no turning back
ZH: 不是不能回头

EN: No horse ever ran as fast
ZH: 没有马过跑得一样快

EN: As the money that you bet
ZH: 作为你打赌的钱

EN: I'm blowing on my cards
ZH: 我在我的卡上吹

EN: And I play them to my chest
ZH: 我玩他们到我的胸口

EN: Life's fabric is corrupt
ZH: 生命的结构已损坏

EN: Shot through with corroded thread
ZH: 通过射击与锈蚀的线程

EN: As for me I hocked my brains
ZH: 对我而言我抵押我的脑袋

EN: Packed my bags and headed west
ZH: 我打包和向西