Meek Mill - Moment 4 Life (Freestyle) lyrics (Chinese translation). | If I could take the time back, I would rewind back
, The day my cousin asked my gran where his mom...
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Meek Mill - Moment 4 Life (Freestyle) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: If I could take the time back, I would rewind back
ZH: 如果我能拿回的时间,我会后退后退

EN: The day my cousin asked my gran where his mom at
ZH: 那天我表哥叫我奶奶在他妈妈的

EN: I want my aunt back and my dad too
ZH: 我也想要我的姑妈背和我爸

EN: They killed Shawty and Diddy that was sad too
ZH: 他们杀死了不错但决比不上和也很伤心的老爹

EN: I caught a couple homies off, shit I had to
ZH: 我抓到了,我到了几个家人

EN: Chained on me for the money, look what cash do
ZH: 链接我的钱,看现金做些什么

EN: Thinking I’m rich, counting my money
ZH: 想我有钱,数钱

EN: Worrying bout mine, they should be counting it for me
ZH: 令人担忧 bout 排雷,他们应将计数它对我来说

EN: I’m just adding up this paper subtracting my homies
ZH: 我只添加了本文中减去老友

EN: Shawty be screaming how she love me, while bouncing it on me
ZH: 不错但决比不上在尖叫着怎么她爱我,同时弹跳它我

EN: She really don’t like me, she just attracted to money
ZH: 她真的很不喜欢我,她只是吸引到钱

EN: She chasing a benjy, saw that on the femy?
ZH: 她追逐班吉,在 femy 上看到那吗?

EN: I’m just lowering my glock, hoping that it defend me
ZH: 我只会放下我的 glock,希望它为我辩护

EN: When them haters try to kill me I’m clapping the semi
ZH: 他们仇恨想杀我的时候我在鼓掌半

EN: She giving me head, I’m grabbing a remmy
ZH: 她给我的头,我来拿要

EN: I just want a B, like the back of the Bentley
ZH: 我只是想 a B、 像后面的宾利

EN: Niggas say I’m Hollywood when I’m Hollyhood
ZH: 黑鬼说我要去好莱坞当我 Hollyhood

EN: Put my life on the line for them, shit I probably would
ZH: 我的生活为他们放线,妈的我大概是

EN: Switch that to probably woulda, I mean probably coulda,
ZH: 开关,到可能也会有,我的意思大概可以了,

EN: Put it on probably shoulda, but ain’t nobody realer
ZH: 穿上它大概应了,但没人会更真实

EN: Niggas is so fake, I did my ID check
ZH: 黑鬼是那么假的我做了我 ID 检查

EN: Couple 100 with me, aint met nobody yet
ZH: 夫妇 100 与我,不是还没人见过

EN: I treat them like the beat, cuz ima body that
ZH: 我对待他们像击败,因为 ima 身体,

EN: Moving throughout these streets, that’s where you find me at
ZH: 在这些街道上,那是你在哪里找到我在整个移动

EN: I ain’t gonna lie, I saved my life
ZH: 我不会撒谎,救了我的生活

EN: Dream got me running round, like it made my life
ZH: 梦想让我运行圆,像它使我的生活

EN: I ain’t met a bitch yet, I would’ve made my wife
ZH: 我还没见过娘,但我会做我的妻子

EN: And I ain’t met a nigga yet I would’ve made my right
ZH: 我还没见过一个黑鬼,但我会做我的权利

EN: Hand, damn, never take a stand
ZH: 手,该死的从来没有采取的立场

EN: Never tell them boys information on your fam
ZH: 从来没有告诉他们你 fam 男孩信息

EN: Never tell them n-ggas information where you stand
ZH: 从来没有告诉他们 n-藤黄总酸信息你的立场

EN: Cuz they change like the weather, when you wait where you land
ZH: 因为他们改变像天气一样,,当你等待你降落的地方

EN: With that hammer in your face, answer for the cake
ZH: 这用锤子在你的脸,回答的蛋糕

EN: Ever seen one of your dogs transform into a snake
ZH: 有没有看过你的狗变换成一条蛇

EN: Ever seen one of those snakes transform into a rat
ZH: 有没有看过那些蛇变换成一只老鼠

EN: I be running through the jungle I could tell you bout that
ZH: 我运行在丛林我可以告诉你怎么样的

EN: I could tell you bout the drought, when the work got snapped
ZH: 我可以告诉你怎么样旱灾的发生,当工作有断裂时

EN: Whole hood started robbing, everybody got strapped
ZH: 整个罩开始抢,每个人都有绑

EN: Whole team was just broke, everybody got back
ZH: 整个团队只是打破了,每个人都拿回

EN: I was selling sour diesel, everybody got crack
ZH: 我卖酸柴油,每个人都有裂缝

EN: It’s obvious I’m hot, it’s obvious you cold
ZH: 很明显我很热,很明显你冷

EN: Presidential on my wrist, and it’s obvious its gold
ZH: 总统对我的手腕和明显的黄金

EN: Whole hood got your statements it’s obvious you told
ZH: 整个罩有很明显你告诉你发言

EN: Like a Lil Wayne album it’s obvious you sold
ZH: 像 Lil 韦恩专辑很明显你卖了

EN: I’m on some shit, running neck and neck with Vick
ZH: 我在一些的东西,运行并驾齐驱维克

EN: Trying to bring my city back, take us to where we never been
ZH: 试着把我的城市回来,把我们带到哪里我们从来没有

EN: I’m just in the studio working like a Mexican
ZH: 我只是像个墨西哥工作的工作室

EN: And they tell me I’m a rookie doing it like a veteran
ZH: 他们告诉我我是个新手做它像个老兵

EN: Yea, big dreams small city
ZH: 是的很大的梦想小城市

EN: Trying to come up on me, but would you fall with me?
ZH: 想要来找我,但你会和我一起下跌吗?

EN: Would you clutch that hammer and bust it all with me?
ZH: 你离合器那锤子和破产它所有和我一起吗?

EN: Hundred miles an hour running from the law with me?
ZH: 几百英里的时速运行从法律和我一起吗?

EN: I ain’t think so, I just blink slow
ZH: 所以我不会认为,只是眨眼睛慢

EN: Million ways to get this money but we think snow
ZH: 百万计的方式把这笔钱,但我们认为雪

EN: Every time I see a chick I just think hoe
ZH: 每次看到一个女人我只是觉得锄

EN: And every time I meet a nigga I just think Po’
ZH: 每次我见到一个黑鬼我只是觉得宝 '

EN: Moment 4 Life
ZH: 时刻4 生活