Meek Mill - G5 (Freestyle) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Verse 1: Meek Mill]
, Ugh, Lord forgive me for my sins
, I was chasin' ends
, and Im into makin'...
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Meek Mill - G5 (Freestyle) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Verse 1: Meek Mill]
ZH: [诗歌 1: 温柔磨]

EN: Ugh, Lord forgive me for my sins
ZH: 啊,上帝原谅我为我的罪

EN: I was chasin' ends
ZH: 我是追逐结束

EN: and Im into makin' money. I aint in to making friends cause
ZH: 和 Im 成赚钱。我不是在导致的交友

EN: These niggas rattin', I aint finna take a chance
ZH: 这些黑鬼捅,我将不是由我带一次机会

EN: Homie said he bout that action and grab me and take a stand
ZH: 兄弟说他怎么样,行动和抓住我和采取的立场

EN: Say loyalty make a man, got a homie and he told
ZH: 忠诚让一个男人,说了兄弟,他告诉

EN: I dont even shake his hand, I dont even crack a smile
ZH: 我甚至不会摇晃他的手,我甚至不会崩溃的微笑

EN: Newance is a child, man this game so wild,
ZH: Newance 是一个孩子,所以野生,这个游戏的人

EN: but niggas made vows to a code I never break
ZH: 但黑鬼对我从来没有中断代码所做的誓言

EN: Ridin' in the heavy weight
ZH: 骑在重重量

EN: Thirty-six O's in the bird, call it feather weight
ZH: O 三十六个鸟,叫它羽毛重量

EN: Never on time, when I show up, I be ready late
ZH: 从来不准时,当我去了,我就准备好晚了

EN: Niggas got fat while we starved they already ate
ZH: 爱你胖了,虽然我们饿死他们已经吃了

EN: And Im trying to get full, masks on clips full
ZH: Im 试图获得充分,口罩上充分的剪辑

EN: If he got the money we attack him like a pitbull
ZH: 如果他有了钱我们攻击他像条疯狗

EN: We sellin' up, we sellin' hard like its a brick store
ZH: 我们卖了,我们卖硬像是一块砖存储

EN: On my dick nigga, thats what I thought your chick for
ZH: 在我的老二黑鬼就是我以为你的妞的

EN: You pissed off, I only deal with the big dogs
ZH: 你生气了,我只是处理大狗

EN: Could've bought a Maybach before I signed with Rick Ross
ZH: 买完迈巴赫之前我签署与瑞克 · 罗斯

EN: Thats the reason that Im turnin' up
ZH: 这就是原因把那 Im

EN: Doin' donuts while these haters got these niggas burnin' up
ZH: 干 ' 虽然这些仇恨有我烦躁的甜甜圈

EN: Niggas want to murder us, this label want me purpula
ZH: 黑鬼想要谋杀我们,此标签想我 purpula

EN: You aint talkin' money to me I need a interpreter
ZH: 你不是说钱给我我需要一名翻译

EN: Cause I cant understand that, money rubber band that
ZH: 原因我不能理解,钱橡胶带,

EN: Take off in my city, and your city where I land at
ZH: 在我的城市和你的城市我在降落的地方起飞

EN: When Im in your town forty rounds in my damn strap
ZH: 当 Im 你们镇四十回合我该死的表带

EN: Boy what a feeling getting hit
ZH: 男孩被打的那种感觉