Mean Doe Green - Thankful (feat. Arty Fresha) (2012)

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Mean Doe Green - Thankful (feat. Arty Fresha) lyrics

Tryin to steal my thunder
Wanna see me plungee
Till the blue sea
No i fight harder
Grow my wings
Put on my armor like the phoenix
Let the bird burnin the heat
I wanna thank you

I'm the sun in a cold world
A simple bullet in the clean world
One nigga you hate most of your girl
A thousand waste to put the ..
Bad bird with skin and say flavors..
..Dress me all black
Flippin my soul is like sunny listing
Hope these rocks don't turn in a ..Visit
Seep lock it sleep is listen
They forgot to f*ck about anything
Outside they need you in circle a ..
Bu who is you between us and god bless the
I'm blessed to be ..
That could have cost me ..Barely speak
I had a little my religious to my last ..God ..The sky
Tha's the limit i know
I just call em


I thank you for the fake hugs
Can't wait to ..Patience
So out in the .. Flake against the green
And when it close ..Make it bangers
My own bangers and recognize potential
Working like a pitbull
..Mistle and nobody will miss you
All you hear is silence then meet

They try to take what i earn
Steal what i worked for
I set em on fire
This grown man called..


..'cause they givin me the biggest push..And ou have never seen me ..
What a vision to position i win em from the ..
And everything is ..See my rivals
I pay em little
I'm out say em i just ..For the prada i give 'cause i ..
Appreciate the love for the looking like beyonce's..


Get off