Meadows End - Burning Cosmos lyrics

Bow before my eyes to hear the mourning cries, of the souls inside.
Now let the silence long in, into an endless night, the spirits dance in the mist of the day.
The crimson starlight collides within, as cosmos burns with sins.
A control of bodies and of minds.
The heavens took the strike.

The screaming souls within the shadows in me.
From the centre of my mind, moulding breed.
Staring, through the eyes, eyes of the dead.
My clenched fist, the Universe I used to see.

Another disordered life, devoured by the sun.
Anger and fear all brought towards my outstretched hands.
The souls search to fight the divine.

But they have already won their fight.
A day of life, our unpredicted future.
I wish it can't convene anymore.
So blinded by what's happened to me.
The sorrows of humanity.
Enthrall my life.

Withering through my core