McFly - I Wanna Hold You

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McFly - I Wanna Hold You lyrics

Tell me that you want me baby
Tell me that it's true
Say the magic words and I'd
Destroy the world for you

An army for the broken hearted
Marching through the streets
And every city's burning to the
Ground under your feet

I wanna hold you
My skies are turning black
Feels like a heart attack
And I'd do anything you ask
I wanna hold you bad

I'd melt the polar icecaps baby
And watch them flood the earth
I'd do anything to show you
What your love is worth

So won't you say you show me your devotion
To heal my aching heart
It's like a neutron bomb explosion
Tearing me apart


Attention please,
We interrupt this program
With some disturbing news
A worldwide evacuation
We're going to lose
And they've pulverised the nation
I guess it shows us just what love can do